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Back in the US... and diving into the home computer...


Homeworld: unknown
Sector: unknown
Height: unknown
Weight: approximately 6'
Eyes: unknown
Hair: none
First Appearance:
GREEN LANTERN 2nd series # 90
(August-September 1976)
"Those Who Worship Evil's Might!"

After the failure of the android Manhunters, the Guardians of the Universe chose to use living agents as their champions. This group served before the creation of the mighty power ring and the Green Lantern Corps.

Armed with the stun guns and power batteries of the Manhunters, a trio of these protectors tracked the criminal Jinn to the planet Earth. Jinn was armed with a power battery and let loose a burst of power at the same instant his pursuers fired their stun rays. The energy backlash blasted the combatants, rendering them unconscious. As the years slipped by, the sands covered their starships.
[GREEN LANTERN 2nd series # 90]

Unknown to the sleepers, the Guardians had selected Rori Dag as the first of the 3600 strong Green Lantern Corps.
[GREEN LANTERN 2nd series # 67]

In the late twentieth century an underground atomic test uncovered the alien starships. Green Lantern Hal Jordan and his friend Green Arrow were on hand in case of any danger from the starships. That danger came soon, Jinn escaped from one of the alien ships with his three pursuers firing after him. Jinn referred to his enemies as "the Halla's." It is uncertain if this was the name of their organization or their race. The heroes mistook Jinn for the victim of the Halla's and fought the trio of lawmen.

Jinn asked Green Lantern to take him off-planet while Green Arrow subdued the Halla's. He shrank himself to fit in the power ring. The alien led Jordan to Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons. There, deep in the moon's golden caverns, Jinn would reveal all.

Nearing the end of his twenty four hour limit, Green Lantern paused to charge his power ring. Jinn took that moment to hit the emerald gladiator with a rock. He bound the unconscious ring wielder with rope woven with gold. Jinn took the power battery with him to Earth. Green Lantern would be lost in the caverns, powerless to find his way out through the gold laced rock.

On Earth, Green Arrrow had subdued the Halla's, they told the emerald archer their story. Eventually, Green Arrow came around to believing them.

Jinn left Green Lantern on Callisto, the power ring would run out of energy in less than twenty minutes. The alien did not known that Jordan had taken precautions in case Jinn was preparing a trap.

Back on Earth, Jinn attacked Green Arrow before he could free the Halla's. Using the stun weapon, Jinn repeatedly fired upon Green Arrow. While one blast would only stun, numerous blasts would eventually kill. Jinn did not see Green Lantern return until it was too late. The emerald gladiator charged his power ring and knocked out Jinn with a twin power beam punch. The Halla's were freed and given the captive Jinn. Green Lantern uncovered their spacecraft so they could return to Oa for retraining for the Green Lantern Corps.
GREEN LANTERN 2nd series # 90


Writer: Denny O'Neil
Artist: Mike Grell
Editor: Julius Schwartz

GREEN LANTERN 2nd series # 90
SECRET ORIGINS 3rd series # 23 (fb)

Aside from flashbacks, this was the only appearance of the Halla's. Though they were established in the GL mythos in 1976, six months later they would be overshadowed by a story in JLA # 140 (March, 1977) which introduced the android Manhunters as the predecessors of the GLC.

The Halla's claimed to have been active four thousand years ago, but this is unlikely. The Corps became active over three billion years ago. In all likelihood, the Halla's' starship chronometer had broken in their three billion year slumber.

Mike Grell used a lot of influences from Star Trek (back before it became known as "Classic Star Trek") in his Green Lantern run. The Halla's ship looks like a Klingon warship. The "stun guns" of the Halla's are hand held phasers. Earlier in this issue, Hal Jordan had been talking to the Green Lantern of Vulcan.
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