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Any word when the 2nd volume is coming out?
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I just saw Gotham Central Vol. 2: Jokers and Madmen HC (Hardcover) on Amazon. It looks like Vol. 2 will be released around September 8. There aren't any details about which issues are in this volume.

The solicitation says it collects 2 separate cases, which are probably Soft Targets (#12-15) and Life is Full of Disappointments (#16-18). Hopefully it contains the stand-alone #11, as well, since people who bought the trades never saw this terrific story.

The solicitation also states that this volume has 288 pages (Vol. 1 had 240). Maybe this volume will also have Unresolved (#19-22). 12 issues at 24 pages each = 288 pages total.

It's possible then that Vol. 3 could contain Corrigan (#23-24), the stand-alone #25, On the Freak Beat (#26-27), Keystone Kops (#28-31), the stand-alone #32. This would be 10 issues.

Vol. 4 could then finish up with Dead Robin (#33-36), the stand-alone #37, and Corrigan II (#38-40). This is 8 issues.

Issue #32 could possibly go in Vol. 4 to make them both 9 issues each.
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