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Default Hypertime Does Exist! Booster Gold and JSoA Stories Are Proof!

I've been looking at a lot of different stories recently, 52 included. I remember an interview Didio gave saying Hypertime was retconned out of existance or something. Well, after reading all these stories, I'm 100% positive Hypertime does exist and is a big part of 52.

For those not familiar with Hypertime, it's basically the idea that there are multiple timelines in existance, allowing for huge alternate versions of characters.

Case in point: Booster Gold.

A lot of people have said that the Booster in 52 and Infinite Crisis is the same Booster we've already seen before. Or they say that the Booster is a different Booster then the one in Infinite Crisis. Both wrong! The Booster that was in Infinite Crisis and 52 is a new Booster if you will. It's a different Hypertime version then the one that was in the Dan Jurgens series all the way up to the OMAC Project. That Booster met Ted Kord, had a normal Skeets with him which was destroyed by Checkmate, and then went back to his future at the end of the OMAC Project, and for all intensive purposes is still there. In his timeline, Infinite Crisis was won (basically, the current DCU).

The Booster Gold that came back to the past in Infinite Crisis was a different Booster. He came from a future where the Crisis wasn't adverted. His Skeets was warped in some way. He died in 52. He was also more of a jerk then the main DCU Booster was.

So, basically, DCU-Booster goes back to future, Alt-Booster helps Batman stop Brother Eye, dies in 52. DCU-Booster can come back, and possibly be Supernova, although I don't like that idea, personally.

Then there's the JSoA. These guys are a prime example as to why Hypertime is still in effect. Case in point, the storyline "JSA/JSA" where the current team travels back to the 50s to help the original Justice Society stop Per Degaton. At one point Stargirl finds her family dead in the present. After going back in time and altering events, in the present her family is alive. Now, for that sort of thing to happen, that requires at least three alternate timelines, one control where the family was alive, with zero interference in the timeline, one where the family was dead and the timeline was messed with, and then a third where the family was alive, following interference and then salvation of the timeline. There can't be one single timeline for all that to happen.

Basically, Didio lied. Hypertime is still around and going strong.

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