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I enjoyed Rucka's run, with some caveats. Visually it was very distinct, with the muted color pallette, and I always thought that worked really well. There are a couple of issues in that run in particular - the Montoya birthday issue, Gordon's retirement dinner - that are gold.

I do think that Rucka played Batman as very machiavellian, and I never cared for that. He didn't start it - Chuck Dixon's Batman had a streak of it too - but Rucka seemed to amp it up to 11, even as far back as the NML issues. To me that was a bad trend in Batman's characterization that culminated in the awful War Games/ War Crimes mess.

Greg's not the only creator to express dismay over the state of the Batman editorial office once Denny was phased out, and it really sounds like that was a difficult time. I've actually been re-reading the Murderer/ Fugitive stuff recently, and overall it's not bad but you can see the seams showing - ideas get mangled between different creators and the overall story ends up with some odd logic gaps.
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