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I really liked this part:
CBR: Other than you, the two writers who have worked on the character the most are Giffen and DeMatteis. Do you ever get together and compare notes?

Dan Jurgens: Oh, yeah! Keith and I talk all the time. Keith was remarkably generous about calling me up and bouncing ideas off of me, saying, "Well here's what I want to do, does this work?" I'd say, "Yeah, that works. Go ahead and knock yourself out!" while also making sure he was doing what he wanted to do and telling the story that he wanted to tell. I certainly wanted to give those guys room to do what they wanted to do with the character, but Keith was very good to call me up. Which, if I was doing Lobo or Ambush Bug, is exactly what I would do in return.
Hopefully that should answer the "is Dan happy with what Marc and Keith are doing with Booster?" questions.
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