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The difference here is, how many DC books currently have any momentum? Many are already well below cancellation levels and those that aren't are still performing poorly. HARLEY QUINN seems to be the only one with momentum. BATGIRL supposedly does well digitally. What else could they put at risk that isn't already?
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Probably not much, but they may reboot and not be any better (or still come out worse).

Only DCU title I'm buying now is Flash, and even then more out of habit than because of enjoyment.

DC just don't seem to have any real idea on how to bring in new readers. Worse still, they appear to be losing longterm readers too. The Green Lantern books are a bit of a mess, Aquaman has taken a serious nosedive, who the hell knows what's going on with Green Arrow... etc etc.

I don't know what the answer is either, but there has to be some shake-ups soon.
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I'm reading more comics from DC than I was a couple of years ago (I went from Batman 66, Astro City and Coffin Hill to now Batgirl, Black Canary, Gotham Academy, JL3000, Astro City, Batman 66 meets..., Bombshells, Titans Hunt (and maybe the Titans series if I like how this turns out), Prez (if it comes back for the last 6), Twilight Children (ending this month), Gotham By Midnight (ended last month)).

I'd love to read more DC, but most of what they're doing in their "bread & butter" titles doesn't interest me. Which is sad because I love a good Superman, Supergirl and/or Wonder Woman comic. And team books are up my ally so a League or Society book that appealed to me would be a must buy (or dare I mention it, a solid Legion series?).
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