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In my estimation, they pretty much destroyed any interest I had in the character when they cut her ties to the Earth-2 they had so meticulously (not!) set-up in 52. I had been hoping they would use Power Girl as a launching pad for the first Multi-verse series and was excited to maybe have her move to this Earth and set up shop there. When that didn't happen, which I see as a complete and utterly bad decision on the part of DC--I just never bothered to pick up the series and I highly doubt I ever will--I also doubt I'm the only one that feels that they jacked us around by having her work so hard to find her one, true home--only to find out that it was gone. But if DC wants a way around this--feel free to look me up, I have a very eloquent and creative way to fix things...

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And from this phart from the same era, I hope that they never go that direction with the character. Right now the book is so good. You're missing something good, but to each their own.
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