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Those very articles you link say they're one in the same, or at least the new name derived from the name of myth.

Originally there was no common name for this large mountainous area, but in 1820 the geologist B. M. Keilhau proposed the name Jotunfjeldene "the mountains of the giants" (inspired by the German name Riesengebirge). This was later changed to Jotunheimen by the poet Aasmund Olavsson Vinje in 1862 - and this name/form is directly inspired by the name Jötunheimr in Norse mythology.
Gastropnir, home of Menglad, and Þrymheimr, home of Þjazi, were both located in Jotunheim, which was ruled by King Thrym. Glæsisvellir was a location in Jotunheim, where lived the giant Gudmund, father of Höfund.
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