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Still not a fan of the art, but the writing was a huge improvement, maybe because Chase didn't really say anything at all. I'm curious to see what's up with the Howard Stern wanna-be. I also really want to see what's going to happen between Xavin and Karo.
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I still need to pick this up, I've just seen scans over at S_D but I think that Chase is coming off kind of dickish and dumb, which is weird because he's supposed to have matured a lot. But then I read all this stuff about how Terry Moore loves Chase and thinks he's a young Captain America blah blah and I hope to see him turn a corner again to stop being the shallow doofus we saw in the early Runaways issues and switch back to the smarter than he looks Chase from the end of BKV's run. Even Whedon gave him some moments of grace. I'm putting my faith in Moore because he had such rich characters in SiP and trust he will give us lots of layers to Chase and the other 'ways.

I'm still not a Ramos fan and hope he is replaced. I'd love to see someone like Mark Brooks on the book, or bring back Michael Ryan.
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