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I have two theories, given the story has alluded to a dead Titan...

1. The dead Titan is the original Dove. Hawk should know he has a dead brother though, because it was referenced in the New 52 Hawk & Dove series.
Still would make sense that Lillith would be confused by Dawn Granger though.

2. The dead Titan is Donna...or "Donna from her first life". I'm a Donna fan as well, and don't love her new 52 origin of arising from a vat of goo as a murderous Amazon. I wouldn't mind learning she had a previous life as the Wonder Girl we liked, and was ressurrected in the vat of goo. As much as I love Donna, my brain has always melted trying to understand her origins. But frankly the "she emerged from a vat" origin doesn't help much. If her fully revealed origin turns out to be "an adopted Amazon who sacrificed her life, but was magically resurrected", I could live with it.
I was hoping that the missing Titan was Wally. The pre-Flashpoint Wally, somehow.
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