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Wow. Fast moving and action packed. Greg seems to have changed his style slightly for this one, but it is still recognizably Rucka as expected, the story jumps off quickly and takes a blistering pace as it progresses, first introducing us to the New Guy (main character Jad Bell) and then quickly laying out the course of his life and dropping him into Trouble and us, the readers, into the story.

I find Bell to be a likeable character. I hope Greg's other fans do, too. We meet his crew, but they are largely just cut-outs until late in the story. But if you like Bell, you will like his team. If you don't like Bell, you are reading the Wrong Book and might possibly should be reading something else. Perhaps you took a wrong turn coming out of Aisle 3...

Action - five stars - not many I have read lately do it as well as Greg.
Characterization - top notch - you Get the protagonist characters and feel for them and cheer them - and you loathe the antagonists and villains as you should.
Story - fast-moving, clever, well-planned and executed. Sort of like a D-boy assault. Me likey. A lot.

Final thoughts... Without giving away too much--Greg will probably take some flak from some areas for his choices with regards to some of the antagonists. My first reflection on finishing the story was some slight disappointment in a few of those choices and I think some misapprehension that there is a Message in the story--which there is, and it's a good one to bear in mind--but I elected not to let it sully my enjoyment of the book. This story is exactly what I have literally asked Greg to write into the world of Q&C more than once, but I am glad he made it something of its own. I hope to see more of these characters.

For what it's worth, Nice Job, Greg! Also, very cool Danny (Perkins)! Take it easy, y'all!
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