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Really enjoyed this, I hadn't read the original issue either.

The story and theme were great, Newbern as Superman was a welcome return and Pauley Perrette as Lois worked better than I expected as her voice through the animated Lois put me in mind of Margot Kidder with the same sort of huskyness.

I've just read Action 775 and really appreciate how they kept the same tight story but expanded on the Elite's characters (especially Manchester) and I prefered how Superman solved things in the movie too. Obviously Joe Kelly has a bigger canvas with the film whereas the original issue is great as a 'done in one' story.

I agree with Mr. Wrong with dreading the coming of the new 52 in these features. Watching this made me happy seeing a Superman in his classic costume coming home to Lois and talking to Ma and Pa Kent for guidance etc.

Flashpoint is rumoured to be coming after DKR so maybe it's New 52 from there?

But yeh loved this, up with Batman Year One, New Frontier and Under The Red Hood as one of my favourite DC Animated movies. Great choice of story and well adapted by it's author
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