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A three-word response might be dismissive, but no one in this thread made one. Alan's response included those three words but there's more there as well.

There really is no way to fit all of Batman's backstory into five years. It can be a fun game to play but it really can't be done.

It was also impossible to fit Batman's backstory into fifteen years or whatever the number was pre-Flashpoint. Morrison's approach was wonderful but only because he really didn't spend time on timelines and whatnot. He just said, essentially, "it all happened".
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You are technically correct. But those three words have been thrown about as an instant "silencer" move to derail any discussion of past continuity, which SUPPOSEDLY wasn't jettisoned for Batman & GL. As I said at the end of my very first post in this thread, "stupid soft reboot". Had they done a complete reboot across the board, NONE OF IT WOULD BE AN ISSUE.

I really don't want to argue with you or Alan, both of whom I like and most often enjoy your thoughts. I was just attempting to address the subject of the thread that we are having this discussion in. Now we're talking about my enjoyment of playing the continuity game or how many words Alan technically used in a response. I don't think that was the point.
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