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Why does someone else's commentary on something you think is fun affect your enjoyment of it?
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That's a perfectly valid question. But being told to "just let go" EVERY SINGLE TIME you dare question the sensibilities of the DCnU does grow a bit tiresome after the seven- or eight-hundredth time you hear it.

No one has ruined my enjoyment of it, though. But doesn't a three-word response seem just a tad dismissive? I never said folks who have no problem with it are WRONG for feeling that way, or that they should just "Get with it."

A thread was started about "Making sense of Batman & Green Lantern" in the DCnU. I replied with my thoughts. Does that warrant being asked, essentially, to just stop doing so? Had the thread been called "STOP making sense of Batman & GL's History" it might be a different story.

There is, as superfriend pointed out, a certain... "soft snobbery" or "smug superiority" among many who like to just instantly dismiss anyone who actually wants the stories they are reading to have a foundation that at least TRIES to make some kind of sense. And I say that with ABSOLUTELY NO ILL WILL directed at anyone in particular. I'm not offended. It just seems that in a thread with this title and intent, essentially an exercise in trying to make sense out of the nonsensical timelines half-created for Batman & GL in the DCnU, telling someone to "Just let it go" is dismissive.

Reread superfirend's post. He put it far more elegantly than I can.

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