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I mean, I let go in the sense that I no longer buy the comics, but as for signing on to the idea that this isn't an insult to anyone who actually cares what happened yesterday?

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But this is the difference - I DO buy the comics, most of them in fact, and when the new 6 come out it will be pretty much all of them.

I still love the old stuff. No problem. I have just accepted that DC have the absolute right to do whatever they want with their characters, so if they decide to do yet another reboot then that is up to them. You've chosen to opt out Nd not buy them, but that doesn't mean they haven't done it.

There were lots of issues after the first Crisis, folding Earth 2 into Earth 1 created a whole bunch of anomalies, getting rid of the original Batman, WW and moving Superman into limbo etc. Zero Hour did hideous things.

But I'm enjoying the new comics and I'm enjoying the fact that the new universe IS uncertain. We don't know that certain things have happened in the past to affect things now. All they've done is abandon the most recent version of DC History, which is not the version pre Crisis, pre Zero Hour or pre Infinite Crisis.

I totally agree with Superfriend that someone like Grant Morrison was able to just make all Batman history canon, even the silly stuff, and that was wonderful, even if it made no real sense if you were being dogmatic about what could fit in and what couldn't. And as things stand, most of that seems to be still there. It's just best not to ask exactly how!
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