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this is kinda what i figured would show up in this thread eventually. hence why i don't really get involved in talking about it online. there's kind've this growing mentality that if you follow this stuff or are concerned about it then you're unevolved, anal retentive and caught in the past.

as if this wasn't how DC Comics operated just a year ago.

but, hey, kudos to those who can adapt at the drop of a hat, yeah?

but to actually give this idea of ordering the history of these universes some consideration, is it worthwhile? has it ever been? or has everyone who has ever engaged in this exercise been foolhardy? and have the editors, writers and creators that have dabbled in these grand fictional universes had an culpability in this mentality? or is it just a fan creation?

these are probably what i'd like to see dealt with with a conversation on this topic than trying to sort out a timeline in terms of years or a "let it go" response.

for my part, i absolutely adore what Grant Morrison has done with Batman. this is the most expansive embrace of a character's entire history thru story that i've seen. and it worked. its animus was decidedly inclusive and though it made great use of history, it wasn't a slave to it. entertaining, informative, universal, popular, and profitable.

this has always been my problem with reboots in general (course, not all reboots are created equal so fortunately we can judge them on their own merits)...the new doesn't have to be the enemy of the old. perhaps it just takes a singular talent to pull it off. perhaps we are woefully devoid of such vision that could virtually put their arms around all of the history of a character.
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