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I would enjoy seeing him as part of the JLA again, but between DC going back to it's icon stage (which means Hal over Kyle unfortuantly) and the way they are making Kyle a Guardian or close enough to one, I doubt it.

I could see him as an Outsider, if they have him become afraid of how much power he has or he needs to find his human side again.
They could play him off well against Nightwing or Captain Boomarang.

JSA, no history there and he considers the JLA to be the top.
Freedom Fighters, not exactly a goverment guy there. Green Arrow I has a better chance becoming part of it.
Checkmate, they have Alan and it would be too dark for Kyle.

Personaly, the only team I could imagine him becoming part of anytime soon is the Omega Men.

Unless of course the Ravers (from Superboy and the Ravers) pop up again anytime soon. Even a GL who is near Guardian level can enjoy a good party everynow and then.

Staying on his own may do him good story wise, but that doesn't mean they can't play him off against other characters out there in space.
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