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I apologies to anyone who enjoyed the movie before hand.

I'm not sure what to to say other then Green Lantern was ALL KINDS of bad. I went in not reading any reviews so as to not have a presupposed opinion of it. I'm a huge GL fan too so its not like I don't like the character either. It's just there was not ONE redeeming quality to it. I thought I was watching an SYFY original motion picture. I wanted to walk out within the first half hour, then half way through it then any time Blake Lively came on screen. She is a HORRIBLE actress, she very much reminded me Megan Fox. Ryan Renolds was OK when he was out of the GL costume but every time he put it on it just looked to weird. Very unconvincing. Basically what I'm saying is other then Mark Strong/Sinistro(barely) the acting was pretty bad.

The CGI in my opinion pretty bad too. It seemed they were in front of a green screen the whole time.

The story was very generic and very rushed. All the battles were very anti-climactic and not very entertaining. At all. This movie was very much so for GL fans
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