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Default Rango

From /film:
Berkley Breathed Double - Dan Fogler Joins Mars Needs Moms, Verbinskiís Rango Secret Uncovered?

Gore Verbinskiís Rango is an adaptation of Breathedís Flawed Dogs. That book has apparently very little narrative to speak of, just a cast of odd dog characters, but Verbinski brewed a story up himself and set John Logan to scripting it. So this tells us that Deppís mysterious household pet is none other than manís best friend, Canis lupus familiaris. My source suggests that Isla Fisher may be playing a human role, one Heidy Strudelberg, but stressed that was a guess based upon nothing more than familiarity with the book (something I sadly donít have - do you?) and I did have to check they meant what I thought they meant because Google seemed to be suggesting Strudelberg had actually written the book. She hadnít - sheís a fiction.

A little bit longer on Google and I saw that Jim Hill long ago announced Verbinskiís optioning of Flawed Dogs. Also compelling evidence. I should spend more time in IM windows, I reckon. Always seems to turn up gold.

The bookís full title is Flawed Dogs: The Year End Leftovers at the Piddleton ďLast ChanceĒ Dog Pound, from which you can probably glean some plot, or at least premise, information.
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