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Default Sinestro Corps and New Blue Beetle Interview: More Evidence of New Multiverse?

Please bear with me, this theory draws evidence from several places.


Johns likened the Green Lantern project -- targeted for April -- as the next level of Green Lantern: Rebirth.

"The focus is setting up the kind of stories for the next year, and it's tied to what's going on in the DC Universe," Johns said.

"It's more candy for Green Lantern fans," said Van Sciver, who worked with Johns on a redesign for Sinestro on Saturday night.
Relevance: The Green Lantern Annual will feature the new Sinestro Corp and be tied into a larger event occuring in the DC Universe in 2007.


Oh! And, the Sinestro Corps has its own Oa-type planet, has its own Guardians, has its own oath.
Relevance: The Sinestro Corp has its own Oa-like planet that serves as its base of operations and its own Guardian-like figures who make and distribute the sinestro rings.


The Guardians decided to punish Sinestro by banishing him to the "anti-matter universe", in particular, the alien world of Qward. Their motive for doing so was to humble Sinestro, by exiling him to a world ruled by evil and in particular, beings who hated the Guardians and the Green Lanterns. This would be a major miscalculation, as Sinestro instead was taken in by the Weaponers of Qward. The Weaponers were a group of warrior and scientists who hated the Guardians as much as Sinestro did and the two became allies, with the Weaponers offering to help Sinestro gain revenge on the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians. Creating a yellow power ring for him to use, they sent him back to his home universe to seek his revenge.
Relevance: The creators of Sinestro's original yellow ring are the Weaponeers, who live on planet Qward, which exists in the center of the Anti-Matter Universe. This makes the Weaponeers the most likely candidates for the Sinestro Corps' Guardian-like figures and Qward the most likely candidate for the Sinestro Corps' Oa-like planet. Assuming this is the case, it would mean the Sinestro Corps is centrally operated from a parallel universe.


The Crime Syndicate originally lived on Earth-Three, a world where history was "reversed" from the world we knew (e.g. President John Wilkes Booth was assassinated by Abraham Lincoln).

A post-Crisis version of the Crime Syndicate was eventually introduced.

The 1998 graphic novel JLA: Earth 2, established them as coming from a parallel Earth within the antimatter universe. Qward was retconned to be the center of the antimatter universe, rather than the entire universe itself.
Relevance: There is a parallel Earth in the Anti-Matter Universe, and that Earth is a revamped version of Earth-3 from the old multiverse.


After restyling the new Blue Beetle in an extraterrestrial light, Giffen has begun exploring the nature of the scarab that burrowed into new Beetle Jaime Reyes’ spine.

“We know why Green Lanterns and Blue Beetles are meant to be cobras and mongooses, and that’s going to come to a head,” Giffen stated. “Put it this way: If Hal Jordan and Blue Beetle are standing side by side, they’re using all their willpower not to kill one another. And it’s not coming from them. It’s coming from the scarab embedded in Jaime’s spine and the ring on Hal’s finger.”
Relevance: The blue beetle scarab comes from outer space, just like the rings of the Green Lanterns and Sinestros. Whoever created the Scarab wanted to encourage its user to hate the agents of the Guardians, similar to how the Guardians and Weaponeers encourage the Green Lanterns and Sinestros to hate each other.



The former Charlton Comics heroes: Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Nightshade, Peacemaker, The Question, Thunderbolt (Peter Cannon), and Judomaster.
Relevance: The blue beetle scarab was originally from Earth-4 in the old multiverse.


Keith Giffen. A crossover between universes is exactly what we need.
Relevance: Keith Giffen is involved in a project for 2007 that will feature a crossover between universes. Blue Beetle could be that project.

Theory: All (or at least several) universes in the new multiverse have their own Oa-like planet at their center, their own Guardian-like figures, and their own Green Lantern-like corps of color-coded warriors.

Example Universe
1. Oa-like planet
2. Guardian-like figures
3. Green Lantern-like corps

New Earth-1
1. Oa
2. Guardians
3. Green Lantern Corps

New Earth-3
1. Qward
2. Weaponeers
3. Sinestro Corps

New Earth-4
1. Unknown
2. Unknown
3. Blue Beetle Corps

What do you think? Is there a new multiverse, and does it have a rainbow of corps?
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