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To be fair to DC, how many crossovers have they actually done since the relaunch? They've all been pretty self-contained - nothing like Infinite Crisis where EVERY book was affected, outside of the special September events like the #0 issues. the Future's End jump, and Forever Evil.

I feel like if you read, say, Superman - you're going to get a story starring Superman. If there's a guest star, it'll be a special event and they'll explain who the character is.
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What's really interesting about this post is that you mention Infinite Crisis as your example. What follows Infinite Crisis, which was successful, is where the wheels fell off. (outside of Batman/Green Lantern/52) Leading up to and including Infinite Crisis, DC was actually competing with Marvel month to month, sharing the top 10 equally. After IC, beginning with One Year Later, DC faltered. From there, they tumbled until the New 52- short gains and then back to the bottom.
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