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Yeah, that's the ticket!

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As popular as the shared universe concept supposedly is - and I see that even now they're hinting that the newly acquired Hanna-Barbera line are all connected - in my opinion it's the single most alienating aspect of comics. If one wants to read JLA or one of its many variants that's fine, but the solo books should stay in their own bubbles.
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To be fair to DC, how many crossovers have they actually done since the relaunch? They've all been pretty self-contained - nothing like Infinite Crisis where EVERY book was affected, outside of the special September events like the #0 issues. the Future's End jump, and Forever Evil.

I feel like if you read, say, Superman - you're going to get a story starring Superman. If there's a guest star, it'll be a special event and they'll explain who the character is.
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