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I kind of expected it. Sadly, when your one "name character" is the new Nova (who I gather is also not setting the world ablaze) and a bunch of characters who either cannot support a book or have had theirs cancelled, it's a recipe for disaster. And also, it's too far into the run to have not really addressed the "big hook", of this book (or what it should have been) have a team of heroes taking on name last used by a group (well, not last used...there was another relaunch after Civil War, I think) who had their name dragged through the mud by destroying a town and getting a bunch of kids killed. I mean, imagine how the normally non-plussed citizens of the MU should be reacting to THAT. They'd be so hated that the X-Men would find it extreme. But this book took the team and hid them on a mountain. So when they pass into the history books, no one will notice.
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