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Default The Ch'petition! The GL Petition - BRING BACK CH'P

I thought GL fans should be aware. This is important work...

With the Green Lantern Corps back in our comic books, we have taken it upon ourselves to spearhead the campaign to bring back Ch'p, the Green Lantern of sector 1014.

our petition can be found HERE

This is important work and NOT be treated lightly. Think of the Squirrels, vote for Ch'p.

Petition Details

Target: DC Comics / Geoff Johns

A native of the planet H'lven, Ch'p participated in the defense of his homeworld from an invasion by the Crabster army of Doctor Ub'x. Captured and sentenced to death, Ch'p was given the power ring of the previous Green Lantern who fell attempting to stop the invasion by one of the Guardians of the Universe.

Ch'p was assigned to patrol the Mosaic World on Oa. There, he was struck and killed by a yellow tractor-trailer. An image of the deceased Ch'p occasionally appeared to the Green Lantern John Stewart, although the exact nature of the apparition was never fully explained.

Recently, almost ALL of Green Lantern Corps returned but ch'p appears to have been forgotten.

Thay can bring back Jason Todd, but they can't bring back a Squirrel?

Ch'p needs our help.

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