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With the holidays & a huge pile of comics, I've been really behind. But here goes:

Totally Awesome Hulk #1: I don't know why Amadeus Cho has the powers of The Hulk, but like the title says, he's totally awesome at it. Enjoyed this first issue a great deal. Looking forward to more. Thought the writing & art were great, liked the humor.

Really wouldn't mind getting either a print of or a poster made of the second page.

Invincible Iron Man #4: I decided to start getting this title with this issue because of the inclusion of Mary Jane Watson & I was interested to see what kind of dynamic she'd bring to Tony Stark's world. I wasn't lost at all with the issue, not reading the previous three, so kudos to the creative team. I enjoyed the story & will continue.

Patsy Walker, a.k.a. Hellcat! #1: I got this title because I've been reading up on Marvel history & saw how this characters was first introduced & then used/turned into a superhero, so I wanted to see how this was.

The story itself was good, but the art style isn't my favorite. I might need to try it out for a few more issues to let it grow on me, but I'm leaning to dropping it. Like I said, will give it a few more to hook me.

Spidey #1: Sure, we've seen the story before, but it's still fun. Good story, good art. Another Spider-Man title added to the list.

Scarlet Witch #1: The first issue didn't wow me. Don't care for the art style. Will give it a few more issues. I like the Scarlet Witch & Agatha dynamic, even if I don't know who Agatha is (will need to do some research I guess).

Daredevil #'s 1 & 2: Not bad of a start. Don't know why Murdock has a sidekick, and if he even needs one. Figuring the guy will be offed somewhere down the line.

Amazing Spider-Man #'s 4 & 5: This has become my favorite title. I just love the new status quo for Parker, and what looks like an interesting relationship (budding romance?) with Mockingbird.

I'm loving this title so much I actually wrote to the Marvel offices about it.

The Vision #2: Like the story & art. Really creepy--but good.

Hercules #2: Solid storytelling, good art. Liking this title quite a bit.

Doctor Strange #3: Another title I'm unsure of. I like the writing for the most part. The art is okay, just not blown away by it. And yes, I know there's "Strange" in the title, but I just don't like seeing strange-looking / grotesque creatures or characters in the books that I read in general, so maybe that's one of the reasons I'm a bit withdrawn from this title (probably the same for Scarlet Witch too).

Black Knight #2: I'm digging this title. Very good writing. One nitpick, Dane Whitman at different times reminds me too much of Gambit (I have the same problem with Blindspot in the Daredevil title too).

Deadpool #'s 3 & 4: I'm a BIG Deadpool fan, but I'm on the fence about this title. Not exactly hooking me in. Will give it a few more issues.
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