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The Amazing Spider-Man #3: J. Jonah Jameson, a reporter for a news channel? Peter Parker, owner of the Baxter Building? A fight with The Human Torch in said building? Nick Fury, in what looks like a Captain America-inspired uniform? Harry Osborn working for Peter?

Just loving a lot of the things going in this title. It's been really fun & I can't wait until what comes down the pike.

Carnage #'s 1-2: Marvel & writer Gerry Conway are going for horror here, and who better than Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage? Artist Mike Perkins brings the right mood to the title. These two issues were a great start. And the cover for the first issue, done by Mike Del Mundo, is amazing. If there was an award for best cover art for a particular issue, this would definitely warrant a nomination. The story itself is gripping and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how much I liked seeing characters Eddie Brock & John Jameson involved here.

Venom: Space Knight #1: Really wasn't sure what to expect. Thought the story was rather bland. Thought visually Flash Thompson's Venom was supposed to be more military-looking, so I don't know if things changed, or it was just artist's Ariel Olivetti's style. I know he likes to do bulky nowadays, so I'm leaning towards the latter. Nothing worked for me in this issue. I'll be dropping the title.

Illuminati #1: Got it because I'm a Red Hood fan, but this title is too soap opera-ish for me. Don't care for the art style. Dropping this title too.

Drax #1: I got this because of CM Punk. Go ahead, call me a wrestling mark, I can take it. Being partnered with Cullen Bunn, who's doing good things with Sinestro over at DC, I figured this might be something worth checking out. Honestly, it was kind of "meh" for me. Nothing wowed me. Nothing makes me want to get the next issue, no real hook. Doubt that I'll continue.

The Vision #1: This might be the best new title on the stands right now. The writing is great, albeit a little creepy, and the art is very good. If you haven't already picked this up, do yourself a favor & get it.

Hercules #1: I thought the issue started off really well, kind of went scattershot during the fight with the demon, but then ended really well. I think this title is a keeper & will be interested to see where things go.

Deadpool #'s 1-2: Haven't read a Deadpool title in a while. Don't know how things got the way they did, but things seem interesting enough.

Black Knight #1: Very interesting title, well written. Don't know how to view the Knight--good, bad, maybe somewhere in between?

So far with this reboot (for the Marvel Universe as a whole), I just wish DC would show this amount of diversity in the types of stories they put forth. Marvel is showing they have characters that can be horror, mystical, King Arthur-ish, and plenty of super heroes to boot. DC has these types of characters too, but wish they'd flesh them out more.

Doctor Strange #2: Good title, strange at times--okay, a lot. I see a parallel to the Justice League Dark here, with the houses being major parts of their respective stories.

Jason Aaron adds humor in the issue, but I think some editing could make parts of that humor & dialogue stronger. Interested to see how things progress.

While reading this issue and Black Knight before it -- and not knowing anything about Weird World -- I had to wonder if it could be a doorway/room at Strange's home. Thoughts?
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