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I always love reading your takes Matches they always make me think. In this case its funny, but that was one of my favorite things. Batman isn't really a man, he's a mission. Bruce Wayne isn't the secret identity of Batman, its the other way around. That is why Greg was so awesome on the Punisher. Batman is DC's punisher without the guns and the killing. To each his own I guess.

I do agree about the color pallate. It was so fitting of the story. That was one of those cases were the art so perfectly fit the tone of the writing making it come together as something greater than the sum of its parts. I do not believe I have come across Martinbrough since then and I wish he and Greg would hook up again at some point.
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Thank you, and likewise of course. I've never really bought into the "Bruce Wayne is a mask" idea - one area where I part ways with the O'Neil-era interpretation. To me the whole point of the Murderer/ Fugitive storyline was to take that idea to its logical conclusion, i.e. to have Batman discard Bruce entirely once it became a liability, and then put the lie to it. One of the Brubaker issues of that arc laid it out pretty well, I thought. Unfortunately, as Greg notes in the Comics Alliance piece, that bit of character development got scuttered almost immediately. (One of the pluses of the New 52 IMO has been the return of Bruce Wayne as an actual entity.)

Martinbrough is currently drawing Thief of Thieves from Image, BTW. Still doing really good work.
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