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Chris, I'm editing this a lot because I don't want it come off as a personal attack, but it needs to be said.

You are not as good a debater as you think you are.

For example, I generally disagree with JLG and your first post made me instinctively want to jump to his side. I'm not going to, because I'd be arguing for a character I don't care for again, but that's the effect it had.
Once again like I said, that was one of the points, to show how abarasive that can be, so I guess I am

Same with an earlier argument that had me defend the Jade-fans. I despise Jade, I'm pretty sure it was you that had me fighting for her. And I know it was you that had me on the survey thread.

It's one thing to argue against a single point that's incorrect or extremist, but the blanket dismissal of all sexism concerns hurts your side more than it helps.
No it wasn't me with Jade, but i guess that's what you want to see. You kept going on the survey also, but we wont get into that.

And blanket acusations of sexism and misogyny for every event does the same....that was the point....
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