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Both were, arguably, B-list. Ted may have been semi-retired, but also had connections through the League and Birds of Prey, as well as business connections through Kord Industries.
No way was Ted B-List. B-List characters, by definition, are in at least a book a month (or two depending on shipping schedules). There are very few B-list chasracters that do not have their own books, or appear on a team, and these would be characters that are CONSTANTLY appearing as guest stars (such as Luthor or Doom). Ted was definitely C-List, if not D.

Grant Morrison: 25%
Todd Dezago: 50%
Mike Weiringo (who designed the original Impulse costume, which was reversed for the sake of Reverse Impulse) 20%
Me: About 5%, for making him green and black, and giving him blonde hair.
Heh, where did Grant come from? He wasan't even associated with that book officially.

Inertia had a cool look to him though, so give yourself a pat on the back too.
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