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I'm trying to get back into comics. I read DC heavily during the Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, and 52 days. Are there any books you all recommend I read in the lead up to Rebirth?

I'm a big Batman, Black Adam, and John Constantine fan if that helps. I also enjoy fantasy and books that focus on a more grounded, street level of a universe.
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Welcome back!

- "Rebirth" seems to be a branding name for the books, rather than an event in their world. Kinda like how all titles had the One Year Later jump in the wake of Infinite Crisis.

- Batman is currently produced by Scott Snyder (writer) & Greg Capullo (penciller). This team is off the book in April, so May's #52 will be the first one without them since "The New 52" began. Well, without Snyder. I think Capullo skipped an issue or two here and there to work ahead.

- That said, 'Batman' has been THE success of nu52. I've read some of Snyder & Capullo's work and will vouch for it as MUST-READ. Really, great stuff.

- Constantine currently has a book (titled 'Constantine'), but I think it's possibly on the chopping block.

- Black Adam got a bit of a push in 'Forever Evil', but he's kinda fallen off my radar since then.

Don't worry. Whatever is coming in 'Rebirth', they'll make a big deal of promoting it and letting you know what's where.
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