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Valid point, best I can think is that either they wanted to lock in this version the best they could, or that this continuity has a built in lifespan and they wanted to us the character before it expires. Cynical me, thinks, or DannyD just wants to screw over one set of readers, once again. Less cyncial guess, is that creators threw out an idea and the editorial chain gave it the green light. Choose which fits best for you.

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Rumor has it that DD wanted Wally to be the new Reverse Flash, but Booch and Manapul said, "No way!" That's how we ended up with Daniel West, Iris' brother. So it could've been worse.

The race change doesn't bother me. As long as a character's personality and character are the same, it's fine. The Wests are African-American in the new Flash series, so it fits. But making Wally a stereotypical troubled, fatherless black kid? URK.

But this probably isn't an attempt to screw over readers, just more change for the sake of change. See also: Bar Tor, Tim Drake, Black Canary. And the race change came from editorial. FWIW, they also made Helena Bertinelli black.
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