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Is there anything inherently wrong with Wally becoming Impulse?
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Not at all. I'm just surprised by the development. I didn't mean "this is stupid! What are they thinking??" but "I have no idea what they're thinking, they could literally go anywhere with this".

I actually think that if Wally does become Impulse, it will help a lot of people see this as a new character rather than just WINO. It's A wally west, not THE NEW Wally West. Because this wouldn't be Wally as Kid Flash.

Plus, if Wally is going to be introduced in The Flash TV Show, then I can see them wanting to have his codename be Impulse over Kid Flash: Kid ______ is a fun thing in comics, but I bet casuals would be more inclined to not make fun of a character if they have a stand-alone name like Robin or Speedy or Arsenal. And the CW seems big on one word names.

So, actually, I'm in favor of this wally being Impulse. Even though he looks like Cyborg.
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