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Frankly, I think that we'd have to find a new central focus for the board, because there just aren't enough of the people that this place catered to even reading DC anymore. There are places on the internet mainly focused on nostalgia and remembrance and old stories and what not, be it old Star Trek or kayfabememories or what. I guess that'd be an idea.

Otherwise, we could go broad and talk about more things. Personally, I don't even really like to talk nostalgically about DC anymore. Going on about "Wasn't New Teen Titans great!" sort of leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Yes, the old stories are still there, but they've been so marginalized not just from a "Continuity" standpoint but from a thematic one. I love Justice League International and Waid and Geoff's Wally stories and all of Keith Giffens' goofy little projects like Vext and the Starlin issues of DC Comics Presents and everything Ostrander did. I don't really feel like talking about any of that stuff anymore.

This was a DC board, though, and one with very traditional leanings and with Geoff Johns' name behind it in a lot of ways. That's in part why we had a slightly older, more mature user base, and one that brought up the level of some of the younger posters to meet them.

When the core product that these posters talked about is no longer catering to them, and really, instead doing quite the opposite, obviously there's going to be an issue.

It was always a great place to talk about things, but right now the established (even if not official) purpose no longer matches the clientele.
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