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I think that James is doing a good job on this book. I do not think that anything will ever match his Starman or The Golden Age but I have enjoyed the first 3 issues so far. (I still think that if he would have stayed on Earth 2 it would have been an incredible run but I guess that ship has sailed).

The Scarlet Witch is one of my all favorite comic characters (both Marvel and DC) and what Bendis did to her was horrible and a crime against the character. I do think that the character has been redeemed though and I feel that James is writing her well and treating Wanda with the respect and the dignity that such a long running character deserves. I do not know where sales are on the book and -not meaning to sound pessimistic - I do not think the book will make it past 12 or 15 issues (even though it would be great if it lasted for a good 3 to 4 year run). However, I will enjoy the book for as long as it will be around.
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