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I guess like a lot of new series, its being seen as a mini until it isn't, but I had wondered if in this case if it really exists to help flesh out the "magic is wrong" story in Dr. Strange (since SW has appeared a couple of times there already and IIRC Dr. Voodoo is in one of the team books) and isn't seen as something that'd be a permanent book, really.
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What do you mean by Magic is wrong? The concept their pushing hard of it having a price? Strange's food issues and Wanda's aging ? I'm not entirely crazy about the concept and it's being done better in Strange IMO. Actually Doctor strange has been a superior book in almost every regard IMO.

I really want to like this more than I have so far. I loved James Robinson way back in his Starman/JSA days. I love magic and I like female fronted books but it really has just been OK so far for me.
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