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The problem is that DC rose to prominence by addressing the key issues that Americans had with society. Superman took on gangsters and the Ku Klux Klan, and so on, and nowadays all DC wants to do is glamorama stuff where the gorgeous with muscles show off their spandex-clad bodies while they battle other gorgeous people with muscles.

DC has no regard for philosophical passion. They need to be fighting banksters, propagandists, techno-fascists and GMO villains, and things like that. Instead, all they care about doing is pumping out shallow pretenses for the latest costume fashion show and hot body contest. And, what's worse, I doubt they even could ever get back to true heroism if they even wanted to, because now they're a corporate frat-boy megalith, whereas they weren't in the old days.

I give DC Comics at MOST four more years before it ceases to exist as a separate publishing company. Either Disney will buy it (as it's already bought Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Jim Henson Productions, etc.), or it will just fold, period. And, to be honest, if that second thing happens, I'll actually be glad to see the weary old mule finally put to rest.
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Why are the shallowest simpletons always the ones in control?
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