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I remember there being several threads about this kind of topic before everything went under, so I will just cut to the chase and say this, "Why don't all the members of the forum that are also writers come together and form a DC Movie Scriptwriter Brigade?" And yes, I'm being serious about this. Even though I'm leaning more toward the gaming industry (I'm a Full Sail graduate from Game Design program), I studied scriptwriting back in UCF and I wouldn't mind writing scripts for DC superhero movies (not just scripts for sequels to Superman Returns, but also scripts for Teen Titans and Anima). Furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that some forum members that are also writers (regardless of their level of experience) may be interested in doing scripts for DC superhero movies. So with all of that in mind, why don't the writer members of this forum form a DC Movie Scriptwriter Brigade? I'll add more to my comments once I hear your thoughts on this idea, but this kind of idea is better than criticizing WB as it could be a solution to some problems.
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