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To be fair, Marvel has a huge advantage over DC when it comes to this. They have an in-house studio now, which lets them keep control over the film versions of the characters and do what they please with them. They're also(so far) only putting out Superhero flicks. They can also license out to other studios for distribution while retaining ownership of the characters, letting them spread it out across multiple distributing studios.

WB on the other hand can't throw out 3-4 $150million+ superhero flicks every year. Their film division has to put forth a more varied amount of material then Marvel making it much harder to set up a universe like that in a short amount of time without making a team movie(and from what I heard about JLA when it was in the works, it was going to be bad, real bad).

I'll wait to see how Hulk and Iron Man 2 are before I start caring about a shared universe. From the trouble between Norton and Marvel over the Hulk's direction he may not come back for a sequel, making a Tony Stark cameo in Hulk a bit pointless.

I do think WB could do a bit more with the DC properties it owns, I dug Superman Returns a lot but they haven't been able to make a flick as good as the 89 Batman and even Batman Returns yet.

ADDED: A new reporter in Superman Returns mentions a Superman sighting in Gotham City.
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