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Well, one core member is dead,
And on his way back.

the other retired,
But not gone. Bart will be back, but not before he comes back in Flash first.

and the only remaining one is in a silly costume.
You may not like it, but other's love it, and others don't care either way.

That's fairly well gutted.
No it's not. The book just started, let the story work itself out.

I'm sure that there were a lot of people who started reading Teen Titans because Geoff Johns was on the project, but there were a lot more of us who started reading Teen Titans because they killed Young Justice to fold them into the team. We are disapointed.
There were people who just came onto the book because Geoff Johns was on it There were also people who came on because the Young Justice Quad were on it, but there are other reasons. Some came on for a particular character. Some came on for the W/P New Titans. Some people ame on because of the specific group of Titans that was assembled as a whole in #1. Some people came aboard because it's Teen Titans, which I believe if any reason is the majority, it's this one.

They also "killed" Titans, which had just a many loyal fans as Young Justice.

To say Geoff "Gutted the team" is your opinion, and it's premature, esspecially when everyone knows the YJ Quad will be back. Right now we're reading the story of how they come back together in the wake of an Infinite Crisis.
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