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Yes, Batman teaming up with Kamandi or Sgt. Rock is fun. No, Kamandi or Sgt. Rock should not show up in Batman or Detective Comics.
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Oh come on, Kamandi and Sgt. Rock should totally show up in Detective a back-up strip solving crime as a buddy cop team!

(not serious btw)

Part of how Marvel always felt connected wasn't through crossovers but by stuff that could easily be inserted; the oft sighted Spidey swinging through New York and Daredevil is on a rooftop looking off panel. Spidey doesn't notice and an editorial comment says "Why is Daredevil on this rooftop - check out Daredevil 231". You get the idea that yeah the world was shared, but I didn't have to read Daredevil to understand the Spidey story.
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