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MARVEL ZOMBIES #2 - liked the backstory for Elsa and didn't see the twist coming.

MARVEL ZOMBIES vs AGE OF ULTRON #2 - yeah, an energy shield made out of Wonderman Energy. What could go wrong? Its not like he has a history of disappearing into the ether... :P

PLANET HULK #3 - kind of dull; lots of exposition. Which wasn't bad as Cap's guide presents him with some classic superhero attitudinal paradoxes. But not enough Devil Dinosaur after the beginning.

KORVAC SAGA #2 - the end could use more explanation (maybe that'll happen next issue?) but I again like the idea of the "virus" outbreaks and the Avengers/Guardians team is a good mix.

GUARDIANS OF KNOWHERE #1 & #2 - so all the aliens got shunted to Knowhere and aren't supposed to leave (guess that'd cause everyone to wonder or something) and some random punk gets uberpowered. Doesn't look good for the home team. Bendis is better here than I thought on the regular title (which I dropped twice) but it isn't as good as his X-Men stuff that I liked.
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