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Default Batman #20 discussion

This was the wrapup of the two-part Clayface story, something of a breather in between big arcs. Snyder likened this to his homage to B:TAS and I think that's pretty apt. This read very much like a B:TAS episode - I could almost hear Kevin Conroy's Bruce Wayne voice. A few things:

- I think it's interesting that they're referencing Batman Inc. as often as they are. Inc. seems like a concept that would be quietly forgotten once Morrison was done with it, but it factors pretty heavily into this story.

- Snyder's take on Clayface is pretty cool IMO. Once Karlo took over as the "main" Clayface in the early 90's, IMO he became pretty removed from the failed actor persona. By the early '00's he really was the B:TAS version (which of course was Matt Hagen) in everything but name. Snyder gives us some pretty solid reasoning for that.

- The Damian/ Reaper stuff felt tacked-on - I think that was my only real criticism. I did like the characterization of Bruce as being wracked with grief, but processing it in a way more sane than what he's been doing over in B&R.

- Alex Maleev's art on the backup story is not up to his usual standard. Not sure what the turnaround time on these short stories is - I know he's drawing Dark Knight in a few months. Would love to see vintage Maleev on a Batman story.

- I really like these shorter stories. I wish there was a Batman title devoted completely to one and two parters. LotDK is kind of like that but feels like a different beast.
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