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Are we really trying to make sense of something from "Jersey Shore"? Let me help you, they do they same thing every day, GTL, because anything else is too confusing. I lived with an idiot who lived his life like those guys and it was painful. He was so dumb and easy to manipulate. He would always try to tell me about his dates, with woman, which I care nothing about (dating them that is).

He thought he'd get me back one day by telling me you put 151 in pina coladas, I didn't drink at the time. After purchasing the bottle and bringing it home he thought we'd have a laugh and do shots. Well I encouraged him to do shots every day before he walked to his job. He was so impressed that I could hold my liquor, never noticed it was apple juice. The point of my story is that those guys aren't the brightest, I wouldn't read much into any mantra they live by.
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