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Same boobs with half the anger is exactly why you should be reading this book. Over the last several years (decades?) the trend in comics seems to have taken their cues from daytime soap operas...who's sleeping with whom, who dies this time...everything is about life changing universe altering shake up the status quo. This book is about solid story telling with some of the best, most emotional artwork on any book on the stands.
Justin and Jimmy aren't writing those stories filled with angst and deprivation, they are fun super hero stories.
And Amanda's art Today so many artists just don't fill in the backgrounds at all. Power Girl has a cat that Amanda keeps slipping into the panels and they are hilarious! Not only has Amanda given Karen/PG a personality in body language,but the cat has a personality as well!

If you are interested in having a fun comic with solid storytelling and fantastic art, then give the book a shot.
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I think you clearly answered your own 1st question about why we should read this book.

Why it is not selling as well as it should. For the same reasons that all outstanding main-universe books often sell worse than books with considerable less quality.

1. The herd mentality - people buy books with a buzz - whether or not it is deserved.

2. Economics - many stores don't keep shelf comics of books that they don't believe have a strong walk in - new reader audience. More store owners need to push and do incentives to build sales in under-performing books that they believe in.

3. Event mentality - sucks up too much capital both in terms of money as well as the buzz

4. Fan reluctance too often to try new things or the inertia effect

5. Not enough promotion by the companies ... see number 3

6. Books outside of the current "age" trends, tend to under perform

7. Fans that only follow "certain" star creators - even if the current work is lacking, instead of trying new things.

8. The historic fact that books loose readers over time, especially quickly after a number one or the "big shake-up try us out" issue. You get a short bump and then sales over the next number months do a quick fall and then often settle into the slow drip, drip, drip of sales drop. This is especially true for B-list characters or when the 180* change happens.

9. Sometimes the fanbase for a concept or a genre is just not there - this is especially true with how the market has ultra-focused itself on mostly just one genre (shared universe Super-heroes) since the advent of the LCS.

My thoughts,

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