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Thanks for reading!
Nice article. I wonder if rebirth is not going to be an opportunity to tell origins of all the new 52 versions of the characters. And in doing so incorporate whatever they want to from the movie in film universes. It may also allow them to expand and add in Characters and history that fans have missed but now will be reinserted.
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Kind of like ZERO HOUR with ZERO MONTH afterward?
I agree with pretty much everything you wrote.

However, and I may be the exception and not the rule, the New 52 did something that I wouldn't have expected: By causing me to break off from following their characters, some of which I had followed through thick and thin (Hawkman, the Creeper, Aquaman, Capt. Marvel, Dr. Fate, etc.), I realized that I was fine without them. In fact, I ended up realizing that I was kinda burned out on capes 'n' tights comics in general; ESPECIALLY ones that exist in shared universes with frequent crossovers and references to events outside of a given title's main storylines.

I may be an anomaly in this regard, but unless DC broke out the hard nostalgia stuff - like a visual return to the 1982 style guide, lots of one-and-done stories, way less decompressed storytelling, genuinely all-ages content, and a re-commitment to keeping their prices down in the $2.99-$3.50 range, I just don't see diving back in. Especially when I'm enjoying titles from other publishers that I would have to drop to free up the money.

They *could* rope me back in with some non-spandex genre stuff, if done right (and if sufficiently cordoned off from their big in-universe shenanigans).
Especially Sword & Sorcery, Weird War, and/or Weird Western.
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That's like the point I touched on at the end about there being a lot of great comics out there. People don't need to read DC books, they have to give readers a reason to do so. Plenty of equal or better options out there than to stick with something one isn't loving.

I would love a return to the 1982 Style Guide. That's Iconic! Some of the licensed products still sport it. Always great to see.
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