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Ok first....Bruce has a string of girlfriends he was in love or almost in love with at some point or another: Catwoman, Silver St. Cloud, Talia, Vesper Fairchild......the ones that haven't been greased he ends up breaking up with for some reason or another (ususally his doing) but his feelings for them almost never get resolved.

Ok, so in Hush, he FINALLY got over the whole Talia thing - at least for now. But how long did that thing go on? And its not like he did not have other women around him when Talia was hidding the mountains with daddy.

What is funny is that it is both in and out of character for Batman . On the one hand, the guy has issues with relationships. I think half the time Alfred wants to slap the crap out of him just to knock some sense into the guy. Bats is emotionally repressed, at least externally.
Internally, he seems to feel everything deeply - hence his rather drastic response to the JLA mindwipes. He doesn't walk up to Zantana and the gang and open a can of bat-whupass. No he builds the ulimate spy satellite to watch them. So it is no surprise that he can get into this problems with women. I mean, at the time he is getting all warm and fuzzy with Catwoman in Hush, he is dancing around the idea of dating Wonder Woman.
So even if Catwoman and Batman are still a sort-of-item (I am not sure that they are now, after she stomped out Wayne Manour in JLA #119) is really is not a shock that he is sill hot on Sasha.....

But I have to say this - Sasha is looking like a total freak. Its not just that she is some kind of andriod, but she has that one creepy Brother Eye, eye. ICK. She looks kinda like the villian in Superman 3 who gets turned into that freakin metal woman by Richard Pryor's supercomputer. She really should get that looked at.....
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