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This was just act one of a five-act play, it set up the action, and I'm sure we'll learn all about how deadly the Cheetah is or why Giganta cut her hair.
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Well I don't really care about Giganta's hair, but I'll disagree with on the Cheetah. You're right this is the beginning and that always has to be kept in mind - which is why, while I'm critical of issue #1, I'll give Heinberg a chance to prove me wrong.

BUT to use your analogy, when you introduce a character in a play two things are true (1) first impressions count and (2) whatever you do w/ the character later in the play, the character must be able to hit the story beats you assign to that character when they occur. So, yes, we will learn later what happened to Barbara Minerva BUT for this first issue the Cheetah is SUPPOSED to be a dangerous threat. She is supposed to seem dangerous and scary - and not in a "crazy cat lady" kind of way. And she wasn't.

I'll give you an example of how it can be done right - "Villains United" #1 and the first appearance of Catman. We all had a lot of questions about how he had transformed himself and what his motivations were (which is all good because that gets you to come back next issue), but it was absolutely clear from VU #1 that Catman was now someone to be reckoned with.

I don't really care how the Cheetah changed - I'm sure it is an interesting story that will be told at some point, and that's cool. I dislike the revamp because this new Cheetah seems to be about as dangerous as a circus line tamer. Maybe the cats are "magic cheetahs" but they just looked like big cats and the fact that Donna couldn't take them all out in 2 minutes did not leave me w/ the impression that Cheetah was tough, it left me w/ the impression that Donna was inept.
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