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I have always said that personalitywise Rogue and Power Girl have some fundamental similarities, at least in the way Rogue was written in her early days with the X-Men. And those similarities are undoubtedly why they're two of my all-time favorite characters: they're brash; they charge into situations like a bull in a china shop; they tend to act first and think later, which sometimes gets them into trouble; they often overestimate their strength/invulnerability, which sometimes means they get in over their heads; they don't take crap from anybody; they're not big on taking orders.

At least, all that is the way I think Rogue is SUPPOSED to be written. That's certainly how Chris Claremont wrote her in the first 5 years of her existence or so. Then she spent most of the '90s whining and being a doormat. (Once she hooked up with Gambit, it was all downhill for her IMO.) Claremont started doing interesting things with her again in X-Treme X-Men, but then she got yanked out of his book and given to Austen, who made her passive and doormat-y again, and then Peter Milligan, who wrote one of the worst Rogues I've ever seen, taking her to new heights/depths of being mopey and dopey. Fortunately, Mike Carey seems to be getting back on-track with her, and writing her the way she was originally written: cocky, brash, in-your-face, all attitude and fists.

Power Girl certainly enjoys her powers, and Rogue always enjoyed the powers she stole from Ms. Marvel. That's one way in which I think early Rogue always stood out from most of the other X-Men: you rarely got a sense that most of the X-Men really enjoyed their powers, but you always felt that Rogue loved her flight, strength, and invulnerability. It made for an interesting contrast that she loved those powers so much but hated her other powers so much. That's why I think Rogue was a much more entertaining character when she had the Ms. Marvel powers.

Rogue and Power Girl certainly both love a good scrap, and to a degree enjoy fighting for fighting's sake. I've always thought the only X-Man who enjoys a good brawl as much as Rogue does is Wolverine, and the only JSAer who enjoys a good brawl as much as Peege does is Wildcat. (Maybe Hawkman.)

The other big thing I think Rogue and Peege share is a sense of isolation. As long as Rogue's absorption powers are out of control, she's going to be isolated, and she's going to be a tragic character. Power Girl's search for an origin and a place in the world has made her similarly isolated over the years.

I also agree with achilles140 that Power Girl and Ms. Marvel have some similarities, and were conceived to fill exactly the same role in the DCU and the Marvel U., but I think over the years their personalities have diverged somewhat, and I'm not sure how similar they are anymore. (I've found Carol Danvers to be all over the place characterwise, depending on who's writing her.) I don't think Ms. Marvel has quite the same sense of isolation that Rogue and Peege do, although Carol Danvers has never seemed to quite fit in anywhere, either.
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