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Default Compare and Contrast Power Girl to X-men Rogue...

Both have been used by red-headed manliputive women, both have ruined lives with a spotted history, and both carry super strength and heat like powers. Both have a "family" that they could come to when they have problems.

But while Rouge tries to make peace with Ms. Marvel, into getting a somewhat friendship between the two of them according to the current Ms. Marvel series, Power girl has yet to make peace with Orcale.

While Rouge carries a imfamous on-and-off relationship with X-men Gambit, Power Girl has yet to find a love one and does the occasional flirting with other male heroes.

Also while it seems that Power girls knows of her origins, it's vague to understand the origins of Rouge.

Also Rouge can speak with a Southern accent while Power Girl can't.

Oh and who's the hotter heroine ?
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