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Default STEALTH HAMMER Kickstarter Campaign

I would like to encourage everyone to back the Kickstarter campaign for the Stealth Hammer comic book.

Created by Ryan Drost, a lifelong comic book fan, and co-host of the Star Joes podcast, The Stealth Hammer started as a nickname for his wife. As a birthday gift, he commissioned an artist to draw his wife as the Stealth Hammer. After seeing the drawing he knew that he had to follow his dream and create this story.

This first issue is the starting point for our hero. When you read the issue, it's a fun all-ages story that has a beginning, middle, and end. But when you look at the images in the background and read the dialogue closely, you'll find hints to legacy, alternate realities, mythological threats, and an ever-expanding world around our hero, Jami Taylor.

Ryan is teaming up with an incredible new female artist, Alexandra Scott, to help tell this fantastic story. Together they created a true all-ages comic. This will be one that anyone at any age can read and enjoy. One of the goals in doing this Kickstarter is to not only have this first issue created, but to also use it to find a publisher where more of the story can be told.

This is a worth while project to fund. And it will help two new creators follow a dream. There's only 5 days left and there's still a ways to go. Please visit the campaign page and support it.
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